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Fishing Report – August 6, 2013

August 6, 2013

It’s a fall-like morning in the mountains today. I was on a river at sunrise,the air temp was in the low forties and the water temp was 62 degrees. This is very cool water for the beginning of August. If you can get away the rest of this week it should be good fishing if it doesn’t warm up too much. The Kennebago is low, but cool, with water temps in the low 60′s. I am finding a lot of the springs that run into the rivers are running strong and cold when they should already be dried up. This is where you will find the fish, near the springs. The salmon I have seen this week in the Kennebago are in very good shape for this time in the summer. The Magalloway has a lot of fish in it and they are in good shape with the water temps in the 58-62 degree range. Tan caddis in the 16-18 size and stoneflies are what to use on the surface. Small tan caddis and small mayfly nymphs are the theme if you are going sub surface. A great rig to try is a hornberg or stimulator with a caddis emerger as a dropper. The Magalloway at Number 10 Bridge is not fishing well so you might not want to waste your time driving up there. If you try a small pond this time of year you want to think emergers. The fish are much more likely to take an insect subsurface than come up through warm water. The Klinkhamer is the perfect fly for the job, or maybe an Adams stripped under water. I was on a pond last week and we killed them on a tan deer hair caddis stripped quickly under the water. Don’t forget to handle fish carefully and quickly so they are not stressed by the warmer water. Till next time, enjoy the great summer days.

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