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Fishing Report – Sept. 3, 2013

September 3, 2013

The first of Sept. finds us in a fairly typical place, warm days and low water. We had 1/2 to an inch of rain yesterday which might have helped to bring the rivers up a little. When I visited the Kennebago this morning the water temp was 63 degrees and there wasn’t a noticeable raise in it’s level. The Magalloway should stay at a consistent flow of 600 c.f.s. with water temps at 60-66 degrees this week. The fishing on the Mag has been slow although there are plenty of fish in the river. As new fish move in during the upcoming weeks catching should improve. I had good reports from the Rapid lately and the fish should move out of the pond and up the river as water temps drop. The Pond in the River opened back up on Sept. 1 and remember that you need to bend your barbs on the Rapid. I believe that the 2nd gate at upper dam is opened so the walk is only 600 yards to the pool. With any rise in river flow on the Kennebago either from rain or release from the dam, the brookies should start to move up and settle into the pools. New fish up a river will take streamers for the first week , but it will start to get harder to catch them  from then on. Midges are a staple during Sept. both fished as dries or as nymphs. Don’t look for the Mag. at # 10 bridge to improve until we get some good rains.

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