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Fishing Report – Sept.17, 2013

September 17, 2013

Well, it finally happened. The rain of last week brought the higher flows we needed to fill the rivers and the trout and salmon have moved in. I am getting good reports from everywhere of abundant catching to be had. The new arrivals will be in good shape and active for the first week in the rivers but will become increasingly harder to catch as time goes on. While they might take streamers well when first up the rivers, midges and emergers will become more important during the end of the season. Here are four thing you can do to be successful during the fall season;

  1. Fish the inlets. Fish will congregate at the mouth of streams and rivers waiting for the water they need to begin their spawning run.
  2. Be mobile. Not all spots will be fishing well at the same time so don’t be afraid to move on and try many different places in one day. Also, there are a lot of fisherman just like you out there and this will lead to crowding at the most popular pools.
  3. Be ready for any situation. When I go fishing this time of year I usually bring two rods with me, one with a floating line and the other rigged with a sinking line. In fall fishing you might need to throw streamers or nymphs in the morning and have some surface feeding in the afternoon as temps warm up.
  4. Fish the in – betweens. Don’t get locked in to fishing just the pools. The Kennebago is a great place to demonstrate this. During the summer months the fish will go to the pools where they have deeper water and feel more secure. As the river fills up with new arrivals in the fall spawning run, they will start to fill up the pools and spill over into the smaller pockets and cut banks, ” in between ” the established pools. In a sense this gives you more fishable water in the river and an opportunity to get away from the crowds.

I hope you all have the chance to get out this week and enjoy this awesome and colorful time of year.


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