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Fishing Report – August 21 2014

Sorry for the delay of this report I have been fishing. After the cool conditions of the first part of the week things have warmed up a bit. Water temps are still in a good place though and cool nights are forecasted for the rest of the week. The Kennebago at Steep bank has been fished hard this week, some are catching fish some are just having fun watching them feed. The fish are in their midge feeding routine which is very frustrating for the fisherman trying to match the hatch. For the first week up the river,fresh fish will fall prey to attractor dries and streamers then they get picky and feed on small bugs. Midges in both dries and nymphs work best at this time. For dries use Griffith Gnat, small Adams size 18-20 and midges size 18-24 on 6x tippet. For nymphs use Zebra midge and Brassies. I have not heard much from the Rapid lately but it should be fishing all right as the water temps are probably at a good place. The Magalloway is doing well but with water temps staying in the mid 60′s. Salmon are more active at these higher temps but brookies can still be had if you stick to nymphs. The best nymphs are still those of tan caddis and pheasant tail. My best fly has been thin pheasant tails with a c.d.c. hackle in the 18-20 size, also the regular old prince has done well lately. I have had no reports from the middle Mag. at # 10 bridge. The ponds have picked up in activity the last couple of days so be ready to take a paddle one of these cool evenings. The Magalloway will be at rafting flows this week end from 10 – 3 each day. If you have any questions feel free to call the shop.
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