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Fishing Report – August 28 2014

Greetings from God’s country this August day. We are experiencing another change in the weather today. It is cool in the 60′s after a couple of days of heat and humidity. The rivers are still in good shape temp wise but are starting to get low. Today the Rangeley river was 65 degrees, Cupsuptic at 63 and the Magalloway is at 60 – 65. These are not bad temps considering the heat we just went through. On the Mag. nymphs are still the way to go on the Caddis and Pheasant tail theme in small sizes. Good dry fly action can be found in the lower stretch with small caddis and b.w.o. emergers. As fall approaches and new fish move up the river you can switch back to attractors and beaded nymphs. Fisherman are seeing fish on the Kennebago but they are harder to catch the longer they are in the river. Midges, emergers and nymphs work best in the Kennebago as the fish settle in for the fall. Smaller streams and ponds will be cooling down as we go into Sept and fish will start to turn a rainbow of colors, the bugs are gone and it is a great time to explore for new water. Feel free to call or stop in if you have any questions.

Trout do not rise in a cemetery, so you better do your fishing while you still are able. Sparse Grey Hackle

till next week

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