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Fishing report – July 16 2015

Our recent warm temps have had an adverse effect on the fishing. Temps in the rivers have reached the 70 degree mark before the cool night we had on Wednesday and the trend toward cooler weather should bring back better fishing conditions. The Magalloway is at 60-64 degrees with plenty of fish spread out through the river. Common bugs are Tan Caddis ,Stoneflies and BWO’s. for both surface and sub surface activity. The Rapid is most likely warmed to much to see any Brookies. Rafting releases this week end will be in the 1800 cfs range on the Rapid. The Kennebago is warm and low. Most Salmon have settled into the upper pools for the summer. I fished a pool yesterday after the cold front went thru and found the river temp at 73 degrees. Fish were still rising even with the warm water temps due to the changing barometer. The presence of springs running into these pools is what helps the fish survive the summer warmth. I found where one such spring was running into the pool I was in and the water was at a chilling 49 degrees. There were dozens of fish of all sizes lined up where the spring entered the pool. The area small ponds are a great place to visit during the dog days of summer, most have springs or brooks running into them that keep them cool. Look for the ponds at higher elevations. Drakes are still hatching sporadically on the lakes at ponds so be prepared for the fun that can offer.
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