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Fishing Report – July 23 2015

Fishing Report – July 23 2015
This summers weather continues to cycle between extremes. The warm spell we just went through warmed water temps into the 70’s. Today the Magalloway was at 66 degrees,which is warmer than typical for this time of year. Today’s cool weather however has left the Kennebago at 66 degrees this evening. I think we could have good fishing this week end if the weather stays cool like they have forecasted. The Rapid will be running rafting flow this week end. Bugs on the Mag. are Caddis and Stoneflies,BWO’s. Today when my sport would get hooked on bottom and pull up a stick we would get a look at the bugs on bottom. There were loads of tan Caddis worms from a 1/3 to a 5/8 ‘ long crawling on the sticks. We matched the worm and caught some fish. Green Drakes made an appearance on Kennebago Lake this week and Hex Mayflies are showing up on Rangeley lake and others in the area. The upper Mag. at #10 bridge was flowing a bit high yesterday but was at 69 degrees which is to warm for fish to move into. With good water levels due to the recent and up coming rains the smaller streams could be a great place to find cooler water and lots of colorful brookies.
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