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Free Shipping on most orders over $45.............. WELCOME TO OUR NEW WEBSITE

Fishing Report – Sept. 11 2015

The good news is that it is rainy and cooler this morning in the mountains. While the change in weather is promising, it will take more than the forecasted rain to move fish. The question is will the trout and salmon move in time regardless of the low flows. If the water temps are cool they might come anyway but they will not leave the comfort of the lakes and move thru warm water. The Magalloway water was 64-67 degrees yesterday with the flow at 600 cfs. The Kennebago this morning was 67 at the outlet and 64 at Steep Bank. Over the next couple of days I would expect the Kennebago to cool to 60 or less. The Rapid is in the high 60’s or near 70 with an increase in flow that could move some fish out of the pond if the days stay cool. Remember that the Rapid below lower dam closes Sept. 15. If the month stays dry the area small ponds will be a great place to fish. As water temps lower the ponds will become active and be unaffected by low flows. Leaves are starting to turn colors and the ferns are golden brown along the Kennebago. Don’t let this special season of the year pass you by.

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