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Fishing Report April 6 2016

We have typical fishing conditions to report this first part of April. The area rivers are low, clear and cold. Some Brookies are being caught on the Magalloway from the Bennet Rd. bridge down river. I can bet that there are also some fish for the catching on the Rapid. While there are some fish in the usual places for this time of year they are not going to move to far for a fly. You need to really put the fly right on their nose when the water temp iis only slightly above freezing. Flies to use would be bright colored attractor nymphs and small midges and Pheasant Tails. When the water is low it is also best to go in low light or with cloud cover. The ice on the big lakes will be around for 2 to 3 more weeks so do not expect the water to warm to much until then.

Till next week



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Dick Avery - April 6, 2016

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and news.
Hi yesterday was 91 here in Sunny Florida
Happy trails

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