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an early season brook trout from the magalloway river near rangeley maine

Fishing Report April 26 2018

Spring weather has begun to make changes here in the Rangeley area. The lakes are still locked in ice and ice out is expected to be later than average which is May 3rd. The Magalloway below the route 16 bridge and the Rapid above Pond in the River are the only places where you can expect to catch anything. I fished for the first time yesterday and caught some fish on pink San Juan worms and black Zebra Midge. The above picture is my first Maine brookie of the season.  Many of the inlets into the big lakes are free of ice but the fish won't be there until the lake levels rise. The two spring feeding events, the smelt run and sucker spawn are determined by water temps. Smelt need a water temp of 40 degrees in most brooks and suckers spawn when the temps are in the high 40's I believe. The Mag. temp yesterday was 36 degrees. The next weeks weather looks to be warm and wet so take advantage of the opportunity to get out.


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MICHAEL TINER - May 7, 2018

Thanks for such good up to date information. Saves us time from Lewiston to Rangeley.

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