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Fishing Report - May 3 2018 - Rangeley Region Sports Shop

Fishing Report - May 3 2018

  Winter is officially history here in the mountains. Warmth and rain should take the last of the snow soon but ice out is still probably a week away. The Magalloway and Rapid are still the only waters that have fish in them. Other places like the Rangeley and Mill Brook are still not ready. Smelt are running pretty good right now from what I have heard. Water temps are in the high thirties but should warm up as soon as all ice and snow have melted. The go-to fly this week at the Mag. has been the pink sparkle worm. The unplowed back roads are still not passable until the snow melts off of them. I would think that in a week we should be able to get further back into the woods. It's getting exciting here as we the new season coming quickly. If you have any questions feel free to call or write.


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Dick Taylor - May 7, 2018

Thanks for the info. on thMag. Caught 4 nice brrookies in the rain on Thursday

Rman - May 7, 2018

Have a great season

Justin - May 7, 2018

Going to be coming up to fish the weekend of the 19th, are the waters going to be too high? We usually come up in mid June. Should I anticipate limited water access? Thanks

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