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ice out on the rangeley lakes

Fishing Report - May 10 2018

There have been lots of changes here in the last week. First, the ice went out yesterday on Rangeley Lake and most all others are ice free.  Rivers are all very high and hard to fish.  Flows should gradually drop in the next 3-4 days if we don't have much more rain. Water temps are in the 40-42 degree range and should continue to warm slowly if the sun stays out. I have heard that the smelt are about done spawning. If you venture out on the rivers this weekend look for fish at the mouths of brooks and streams where the smelt have been spawning and quieter eddies and coves along the moving water. Black and Gray Ghost streamers with some weight should find any fish that might be around. Heavy stone fly nymphs and green caddis larva are good choices. High water will disturb the river bottom and send bugs free floating down the current. The worms should also work well.

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