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spring run off on a maine fly fishing river by a maine fly shop

Fishing Report - May 17 2018

The fishing continues to improve in the Rangeley region.  As of Tuesday the suckers have moved into their usual spawning areas. Flows  have come down to normal spring time levels. Water temps are in the 45-48 degree range except the Magalloway which is a bit colder. We are in need of some rain which is scheduled for the weekend but if we get too much it could boost flows up again for next week. There is lots of catching going on right now and it should be good until the rains on Sunday. Sucker eggs and spawn dropped off an attractor pattern is a good way to go. A sparkle worm or Pats Rubberleg make a good top fly. Make sure to use enough weight to get the flies on the bottom. There could be some bugs in the air by next weekend for the dry fly guys. Saw my first blackflies yesterday.

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Jacob - May 31, 2018

I will be up for memorial day weekend but we will mostly be trolling or spincasting at inlets and outlets, heard of anything happinging in the regular fishing catagories?

Tommy May - May 31, 2018

Had a great weekend at our favorite bridge, caught some really beautiful salmon, on the Grey Ghost…..thanks for being so accommodating and hooking us up with waders for my son. I think he has the fishing bug now!
See you in Sept.

Jim Lane - May 20, 2018

Always love to read the fish reports. Dreaming of Rangeley Region from Burbank, CA.

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