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Free Shipping on orders over $45.............. WELCOME TO OUR NEW WEBSITE
moose on the kennebago river while doing some maine fly fishing

Fishing Report - May 24 2018

The rivers are coming to life today. Hendricksons and other bugs are hatching and the fish are beginning to feed on them. Water temps are in the 50's except at the Magalloway which is cooler. Suckers are still around for awhile. White eggs and Pink sparkle worm have worked the best for me this week. We will have low flows this week end at the dams and freestones. We need some rain. Green caddis worms and Pheasant tail will become more important as the bugs become more abundant. It is going to be a busy weekend coming up so be understanding of other fishermen, share the water, and remember there is more to this hobby than catching fish. Fill your senses with the nature that surrounds you, enjoy the time away from work and don't forget the bug dope.

Till next time


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