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nothing like fly fishing in june in the rangeley region

Fishing Report - May 31 2018

Spring has turned to summer here in Rangeley. The warm days have certainly brought lots of bugs for the fish to feed on. Water temps are also climbing - into the 55-60 degree range. Bugs you will find on most waters are Hendrikson and March Brown mayflies, big green body caddis and a smaller green one. There are lots of cased caddis crawling around on the edges of the river in stick built cocoons. These are the Grannoms and fish feed heavily on these. There are a number of patterns to imitate these. The Pat's Rubberleg works well for it. Small Pheasant tails and green caddis worms are a must for this time of the season. Flows are at a great level on the tailwaters but very low on the freestones. The next rise in water will move more fish up the rivers. The Magalloway has fish all the way to the hydro now and some trout have been caught at Steep bank on the Kennebago. It is a great time to hit the water.

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