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Fishing Report - September 26 2018

After some rain yesterday and another round tonight we are in good shape for the end of the season. This could be the the best end of season we have had for a couple of years. Flow in the streams and rivers came up after yesterday's rain and water temps are in the 50-55 degree range. The question all day at the shop was, what are they taking? My answer is "everything". This time of year you have to try lots of stuff to get the fish to take from midges to buggers. Color is important in some places: yellow, red, white. If it gets sunny and warmer this weekend they could even take on top. I almost always start with a hornberg swung through the tail of a pool if I am on the Kennebago. Also, be ready to move around in case someone else in in your "secret" place. Be respectful of others and take time to look around at the beauty that surrounds you.



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Gregory Burchstead - November 18, 2018

Sounds Great! With new water and traveling Fish?
I’ll be up.
Thanks for the report

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