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kennebago river maine flyfishing

Fishing Report - September 20, 2018

The  weather has turned around nicely here in the last two days with cool temps both day and night. The only thing missing to give us a great end to the season is a rise in water levels. Most places have not seen a good movement of fish due to low water. The Kennebago is the exception as there is a real good number of fish up as far as the Steep bank area. The Kennebago was 61 degrees this morning and the Cupsuptic was 57. Be ready to use lots of different flies as productive patterns range from pink worms to woolly buggers. There are lots of fisherman around so be ready to move around a lot and remember to not intrude on others' space and outdoor experience.


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Gregory Burchstead - September 26, 2018

That is certainly good news as I have gone all the way to the upper CT. river to find some water I could fish.
Thanks for the report

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