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Fishing Report - April 12 2019

Fishing Report - April 12 2019



There's not much to report yet but I thought it would be good to get things started by letting all know what it is like here. The spring melt started over the past weekend only to be slowed down by 6 more inches of snow this week. The dams are all at low flows and the free flowing streams have not had any run off yet. It is typical to not see much water released from the lakes until they are full. It has been reported that there is still 4-5 feet of snow in the back country which should make for a good amount of water for the rivers during the summer. Some fish are being caught on the Magalloway below the Rte 16 bridge. Flies for this time of year are small nymphs like Zebra Midge, Pheasant Tail and other colorful attractors. I  checked my log book from last year and found that on my first three trips to the Mag. I caught every fish on a pink sparkle worm. Be patient and enjoy the ebb and flow of spring.


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Justin - May 9, 2019

Any fresh updates? We are coming to see you on the 18th again

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