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Free Shipping on most orders over $45.............. WELCOME TO OUR NEW WEBSITE
Fishing Report - June 20 2019 - Rangeley Region Sports Shop

Fishing Report - June 20 2019

After a nice first of the week we are getting some rain through the night. This new rain will probably bring up all the water in the area. If the Kennebago comes up a good amount it will bring a good crop of salmon in to the river. The Magalloway has been up and down. I think the fish are there, they just are fished so hard that they get hard to catch. The Mag's heavy flows for the rafters this weekend should bring up some new fish and be good for fishing success. The Rapid is a bit slow but the reward is good size fish. The water temp on the Rapid and most places is still less than 60 degrees which is much cooler than last year. Caddis have joined the mayflies in most places. Surface feeding is still limited in some places although the bugs are available for the taking. Pheasant tail and olive caddis emerger nymphs caught fish today on the Rapid. The fish are every where thy should be so get out there any enjoy the outdoors. Be prepared for the mosquito.


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