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Fishing Report - June 13 2019 - Rangeley Region Sports Shop

Fishing Report - June 13 2019

  Fishing is slowly improving in the Rangeley region. Hendrickson mayflies have been enjoyed by fisherman on most area rivers in the past week. I have only seen a few caddis in the air but they will be abundant soon. Water temps are remaining low which is good news. Today the Magalloway was 54 degrees and the Rangeley was only 50. These temps are much lower than last year at this time. After more than an inch of rain on Tuesday the freestones were a bit high but are down now. The Rapid fished well for my sports last weekend with some real nice brookies brought to net. For nymphs you should stick to basic mayfly and green caddis. For dries, try Klinkhamers and other parachute flies. If you want to know what bugs are around on unfamiliar water just turn over some rocks and observe. The mosquito have joined the blackflies in their assault.


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