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Fishing Report - June 6 2019

Posted on June 06 2019

Fishing Report - June 6 2019 - Rangeley Region Sports Shop


Things are changing quickly here as we move toward summer. Water temps are topping 50 degrees and we have had our second 70 degree day in a row. Most places with water temps above 50 degrees are having Mayfly hatches at sometime during the day. I have not seen any Caddis yet this spring.  Water levels are good but dropping slowly as the rain has stopped. Most rivers that I have been at this week have bigger trout in them than usual. I think the prolonged high water this spring will also result in a greater number of fish in the rivers than is typical.  Nymphing on the Magalloway this week has been very slow for some fisherman. This happens every year about this time. I think the fish are just full from the spring feast on smelt and sucker eggs. The flies that worked best for us this week on the Mag were Lightning bug and the  # 18 beadhead pheasant tail. I have seen the cased caddis moving around this week so the big green american grannum should be out soon. The Pat's rubberleg works well at imitating this cased meal. Things are looking up so make sure you get out and feed the black flies.


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  • Nick behan : July 18, 2019

    Hi can you send me some pictures of Wich flies I could try copy please,? as I arrive in maine in 4 weeks
    All the very best nick

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