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Free Shipping on most orders over $45.............. WELCOME TO OUR NEW WEBSITE
Fishing Report - Sept 27 2019 - Rangeley Region Sports Shop

Fishing Report - Sept 27 2019

It is looking to be a great finish to this year's fishing season. River levels are up and water temps are low in the 50 degree range. Fish are in all the places they should be this time of year. The Kennebago has plenty of fish and good flow. The Magalloway  is a little slow and I have no reports from the Rapid. The flows and temps though should mean improving conditions for the Rapid. Anything from midges to Woolly Buggers are what you should be be ready to try. As more fish move into a river they will spread out and fill in the places between the pools. So if the river is crowded explore the water between the more popular places. Hope you all enjoy the cool fall temps and colorful fall foliage.


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