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Fishing Report - September 19 2019

Fishing Report - September 19 2019

There has not been much change here this week. No new rain and cool temps. The river water temps have been in the low 50's. The water levels are very low so the fish that have moved up the rivers are staying  where they are I think but I can't say I know what fish will do. I have not heard much from the Rapid but it should have some fish moving in from the Pond in the River with the cooler water. I have heard good reports from the Magalloway on both trout and salmon. Stick with small nymphs remember that the only bugs that might be hatching are BWO's and Midges. In some places you may see these big light colored Caddis flying around. These are October Caddis. Orange dries and soft hackle wet flies are used for them. The Kennebago has good fish in the Steep bank area but can be hard to catch on some days. Small wet flies fished sub surface work good. It is important this time of year to to try lots of different flies and methods and move around to find the fish. Have fun and enjoy the color and sunshine.
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