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Fishing Report - June 19 2020 - Rangeley Region Sports Shop

Fishing Report - June 19 2020

Summer has come to the mountains this week. Hot weather and no rain has left our waters low and warming. Hopefully we will get the storms that are forecast in the coming days. The tailwaters, Magalloway and Rapid, are at low flows making for the ability to get to pockets that are not usually fishable. Be careful not to over fish these places as the fish are not as protected as during normal flows. The Mayflies will be ending soon and caddis will be more important. Stoneflies are now coming out on most rivers. Drakes will start hatching any day now on the local lakes and ponds that host them. Upper Dam has been fishing well but the flow has been lowered there also. Fishing the still water now would be a great idea. The hatches are good and the crowds smaller. I fished from canoe with a sport yesterday and had a great trip. The wildlife and sounds of the new day overwhelmed our senses and added to the experience. I heard a report of dead fish being found on the Mag. this week. With the increase in fishing pressure on this river all anglers should re think how they handle the fish that they catch and release. A dead fish can't eat flies and reproduce.


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