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Fishing Report - June 26 2020

Fishing Report - June 26 2020


The hot and dry spell has come to an end here in the mountains. Most areas received some rain but it was not enough to bring the river levels up. With river temps are at 70 degrees at the upper Mag and Rapid, 62 at the Cupsuptic and 56 at the lower Magalloway. I expect that water temps will continue to lower as we go through the up coming week as we are expecting rain and lots of cloud cover. Drake hatches have been spotty from what I am hearing. Stoneflies are out in good numbers on the Magalloway and Rapid. There have been some good caddis fly hatches on the Mag this week. Olive caddis nymphs and emergers work well during these long caddis hatches. There seem to be a good supply of brookies in the smaller water which can be a great time with a light weight rod. A new crop of blackflies have come out with the recent rain to add some excitement to your fishing adventure. There will be rafting flows of 900 cfs on the Magalloway this week end so be careful.


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