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magalloway river in rangeley maine

Fishing Report - May 14, 2020


Not much has changed in the last week due to the cool weather.The ice is out everywhere and it looks like it might have stopped snowing for the year but I probably shouldn't of said that. Anyway, the ice out should help the water to start warming up. The suckers are in the lower Magalloway but I haven't seen them anywhere else. Today the Magalloway and Rapid had 40 degree water. Flows are fairly high on the Rapid at 2000 cfs and the Mag. is around 700 cfs. The dirt roads seem to be in good shape for this time of year but you should always pay extra attention and stay out of the shoulders. Today's hot fly on the Rapid was the #18 flashback pheasant tail. This is by far the fly that catches the most fish for me on that river. The fisherman should also be paying attention to the smelt runs when near the mouth of moving water. I have a feeling that the smelt spawning has been delayed and still going on. This is a great time to catch some nice fish on a Black Ghost streamer.


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