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Free Shipping on most orders over $45.............. WELCOME TO OUR NEW WEBSITE
brookie at rangeley maine

Fishing Report - May 21, 2020

A lot has changed here since last week. We have had 5 days of rainless, warm weather. However, the water is on the high side. All the tailwaters are running at high levels and are not scheduled to come down till Monday but they could lower them at any time. The Magalloway was at 44 degrees today and the Kennebago at 52 degrees. The Rangeley was high and 42. There are no bugs in the air yet but that could change by the end of the week. At this time of the year things can change fast. I tell fisherman to go fish the high water any way because you never know if the fish are ready if you don't try. If there are suckers around where you go you want to  have some eggs or spawn flies with you. The pheasant tail and hares ear nymph work well for the mayflies that are crawling around getting ready to hatch. Fish are still chasing smelt so make sure you have some streamers with you also. Don't forget the bug dope as the backflies are here.


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