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Rangeley Region Fishing Report - August 14 2020

Posted on August 14 2020

old beaver bog in rangeley maine


Wow, it's already the middle of August. Fishermen will soon be getting ready for the grand finale of the season. The Magalloway is running at usual flow levels but the water temp is slowly creeping up. It is in the 58 - 65 degree range. This time of the summer the fish are well educated. I try anything different while nymphing. Here are some things I do: go small, don't use beaded flies,lengthen distance between flies, move split shot further away from the flies. Deer hair caddis in the 16-18 size can be tried on top. There are plenty of small brookies in most streams and ponds with cooler temps. I did some exploring yesterday and found a new section of stream. The water was 62 degrees in the evening and full of brookies. The bigger fish in the 9" size were males that already had bright orange bellies. Anything that can float may work but I almost always use Klinkhamer emergers as I think the hook up rate is higher due to the part of the hook that is hanging under the water surface. There will be high water on the Magalloway this weekend for the rafters.


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