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small river in rangeley maine

Rangeley Region Fishing Report - July 30, 2020


Over the last week we have received enough rain fall to sustain good water levels. The Magalloway is staying at 650 cfs for the most part with water temps in the 58-62 degree range. There are still caddis in the air and you can do well fishing dries. The best patterns would be Olive Deer Hair caddis, Henryville Special, Puterbaugh caddis all in size 16. The smaller water is a great place to spend a hot summer day. We fish small dries like the Klinkhamer and parachute flies like the Adams and Purple Haze. You might not see fish rising on the water but they will usually take a dry that floats over them. I am still seeing some hexes but the report is that the water in most places is too warm for the fish to feed on the surface. A key to finding fish in the summer is finding the cold water. Look for places where cold springs and brooks enter bodies of water and you will find the fish. This cold water will mix in enough to cool the warmer water and supply more oxygen to the water. Also take advantage of any thunderstorms that might temporarily raise the water level.

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