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small stream in rangeley maine

Fishing Report - July 23 2020


Our area waters are in good shape for the end of July. Flows are good and colder water can be found on the smaller streams. We received 0.8 inches of rain today so expect the moving water to come up for a day or two. Once the ground is full of water it only takes a small amount of rain for the streams to come up and we have reached that point. I saw some grasshoppers on the water recently so have some in your fly box next time out. Caddis continue to be the main bug on the water. There are many kinds of caddis that come and go during the summer. They vary in size and color. During mid summer the caddis on the Magalloway get  smaller and lighter in color. If you examine sticks and rocks on the bottom you will see lots of small light olive worms. It would be good to imitate these with your flies, these are net spinning caddis. The mayfly nymphs also get smaller in the 20 size. The smaller water back in the woods are maintaining great levels and temps. And are best fished with dry dropper rigs for lots of small native brookies. Expect the big mayflies to still show up on some of the area lakes and ponds on the more hot and humid evenings. Upper Dam is most likely getting on the warm side but still worth a trip if it is cloudy and cool.

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