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Kennebago Mtn in Rangeley Maine

Rangeley Region Fishing Report - April 12 2022


Spring is here in the mountains of western Maine. The snow and ice are melting and the lakes are filling up with a summer's worth of water. I took a drive on Sunday to check the rivers and was very encouraged to see the amount of snow still in the back country and the rivers running at bank full levels. The water temps are still in the low 30's as the lakes are still iced over really good. I think our ice out will be about normal this year, around the first of May. Some fish are being caught on the Magalloway below the Rte 16 bridge. I have heard of fish being caught on anything from small nymphs  to 6 inch streamers. Nymphs that have always worked best are pink sparkle worms, zebra midge, pheasant tail and other small flies. Some fisherman have ventured in to the Rapid but the road was very muddy. I would not recommend driving on the road until things dry out a bit. Lake levels are good, it looks like Rangeley and Mooselook are full and they are running the dams at higher flow levels. That is it from here till next week.


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