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Rangeley Region Fishing Report - April 24 2022

Posted on April 24 2022

Rangeley Region Fishing Report - April 24 2022 - Rangeley Region Sports Shop

Not much has changed in our area as far as catching goes but lots has changed in the water that we will have to work with in the future. The area lakes are all full. It is amazing to think of after seeing Aziscohos so low last fall but it is totally recovered and water is flowing over the top of the dam. Ice out is the next important event. As it looks now I don't think we will see any area lakes clear this week or month. However, anything could happen and I find ice out predictions hard to make. Once ice goes out the water temps will warm which will move us to the series of feeding events that move fish into the rivers. The area dirt roads are in their typical conditions. The road to the Rapid is bad and you can get stuck if not careful. You can not drive to the middle Magalloway that I know of. Be patient. Things are looking up.


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