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Rangeley Region Fishing Report - August 4 2023

Posted on August 04 2023

Rangeley Region Fishing Report - August 4 2023

Cool weather with timely rain will continue into next week here in the region. Lake and river are still full and water temps cool. Yesterday afternoon I stopped by Steepbank pool on the Kennebago. The flow level was perfect and guess what the water temp was, 62 degrees. That is colder then the Magalloway right now. I didn't fish but a man was on his way down over the bank. We only received less then 1/3 of an inch last night so things shouldn't go up to much. A positive side of the high water we have had in the last month is that the fish have not been fished over much meaning they are not educated. Any bugs around would be Caddis and Stones still. Our cooler water temps could mean that Midges and B.W.O.'s might be more important then usual for this time of the summer when it typically would be warmer.  When thinking of a place to fish this week end, think of it as the first of September. It is a good time to maybe sign up for a summer guiding trip if you are in town.




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