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White Muddler Minnow - Fly of the Month

Posted on February 08 2016

white variation of the classic muddler minnow effective fly fishing in western Maine Rangeley Fly Shop
   We recently added the White Muddler Minnow to the store.  It was created by Don Gapen of Minnesota in the late 1930’s.  The fly was popularized and mass produced by Bailey’s Fly Shop of Montana.  The white color is a spin-off of the original natural deer hair color.  This is a very effective pattern for Maine Brook Trout.  Every year fishermen stop in and ask for it, but I couldn’t locate white turkey feathers until recently.  This is certainly a pattern worth trying come spring.
Hook -                   9674 size 4 – 10
thread -                 white GSP 100 or similar
tail -                       red hackle feather fibers
body -                   silver tinsel
underwing -        gray squirrel (optional)
wing -                    white turkey slips
collar and head – white deer body hair


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