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Gray Hackle.

Posted on September 01 2015


This month’s fly is the Gray Hackle.  This is an old pattern used for small trout and Atlantic Salmon alike.  The Gray hackle is very simple to tie with only three materials.  The simple soft hackle pattern is one of my most effective emergers  during the fall spawn – especially when nothing else will work.  I fish it in size 14 – 18, with 16 being my favorite.  The Gray Hackle should be fished just below the surface by using varying degrees of action to keep it moving.  There are many variations of the fly, but my favorite recipe is:

Hook   - 9671 #14 – 18
Thread  - black, can use red on the head
Tail  -  red hackle fibers
Body  -  peacock herl
Hackle  - grizzly hen


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