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F.T. Stone

This month’s fly is my own creation called the F.T. Stone Nymph.  I came up with the pattern many years ago and it has been a good producer from the start.  I wanted to put together a big pattern that I could use as a top fly in a nymph rig.  The fly is a gathering together of many of the key pieces of other productive flies.  These pieces are called feeding triggers, thus the name F.T.  It is tied in natural, olive, and my favorite, gray.
Hook     - 2 or 3x long nymph #8 – 10
Bead      - copper 1/8”
Thread  - color to match dubbin
Body - rabbit dubbing
tail          - goose biot to match
Rib          - copper wire, size brassie
wing case – turkey slip
thorax – peacock herl
legs        - black round rubber
flash      - 2 strands of pearl flashabou
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Steve - April 26, 2018

What dubbing is the body?

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