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Joe's Hopper - Fly of the Month

Posted on August 01 2015

joes hopper at a maine fly shop
Joe’s Hopper is one of the first grasshopper patterns.  It was created first as the Michigan Hopper by Art Winnie in the 1940s.  The name was changed in recognition of one of its greatest fans: Joe Brooks.  This pattern also inspired the creation of the Dave’s Hopper pattern.  This hopper is a Maine favorite.  I have many memories from my youth of fishing this pattern in the bogs and steams.  As a boy, I would fish a Joe’s until it unraveled.  It always seems like a fly fished better the more it got chewed up. 
Hook     - Mustad 94831 – long shank dry
thread   - dark brown
tail         - red hackle fibers
body      - antron: orange, green, or yellow
rib          - brown hackle
wing      - turkey slips
hackle   - mixed brown and grizzly


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