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Yellow Marabou Muddler

Posted on July 01 2015

Yellow Marabou Muddler - Rangeley Region Sports Shop

This month’s fly is the Yellow Marabou Muddler.  The marabou muddler is a spin-off of the muddler minnow created by Don Gapen of Minnesota in the 1930s.  It is a very good attractor pattern.  Yellow is my favorite color to use and is very good at drawing out the biggest fish in the pool.
Hook     -  Mustad 9674, sizes 4-10
thread   -  tan 8/0, white GSP 100
body      -  gold tinsel chenille
tail         -  red feather fibers
wing      -  squirrel, yellow marabou, peacock herl
collar     -  spun deer hair
head      -  spun deer hair


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