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Hemingway Caddis

Posted on February 01 2015

Hemingway caddis at a Maine fly shop

Fly of the Month

This month's fly is the Hemingway Caddis.  This is a new Caddis pattern to the shop.  I added it at the request of a customer.  It is very similar to the Henryville Special except for the dun colored hackle and peacock thorax under the hackle.  The pattern was created by Mike Lawson and named after Jack Hemingway, who took a liking to the fly while fishing with Mike.  The Hemingway should fish well alongside the Henryville during the springtime hatches of dark bodied caddis.
Hook     - dry fly 12 – 16
thread   - olive 8/0 or smaller
body      - olive dubbing
thorax   - peacock herl
hackle   - light to medium dun
wing      - mallard quill sections cupped over body
underwing – sparse woodduck fibers


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