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Peacock Caddis - Fly of the Month

Posted on January 01 2015

Peacock caddis dry fishing fly with peacock herl body and white wing
This month's fly is the Peacock Caddis. I first saw this pattern in a book by Al and Gretchen Beatty called Rotary Fly Tying Techniques. Al told a great fishing story about the fly’s success that hooked me into trying it.  I tied some and used them with sports soon after.  One morning I took a couple beginners to the hydro pool on the Magalloway.  After a slow start, I decided to try the new caddis pattern.  When the fly hit the water, a large salmon rocketed up from the bottom, hitting the fly and breaking it off as the fisherman responded with an overly enthusiastic hook set.  That evening I had another sport in the same pool.  He was fishing nymphs and hooked a nice salmon that jumped around and finally came to the net.  When I went to remove the nymph from his mouth, there in his lip was my peacock caddis that was lost earlier in the day.
Hook     - dry fly 12 – 18
thread   - fluorescent yellow or fl. Lime
tag         - fluorescent yellow or fl. lime thread tyed half way down bend
body      - peacock herl
hackle   - grizzly, palmered
wing      - bleached deer or elk


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