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Henryville Special - Fly of the Month

Posted on December 01 2014

Henryville special dry fly for spring caddis hatch
 The Henryville Special is one of the most effective flies for matching the spring green caddis hatches.  The first caddis of the season are green and chunky in the larger sizes 12 – 14.   This fly can also be retrieved wet after making its offering on the surface.  The Henryville was first introduced by Hiram Brobst and is named after the Henryville section of the Broadhead Creek in Pennsylvania.
Hook     - dry fly size 12 – 16
thread   - olive
body      - olive dubbing
hackle   - grizzly on the body, one size smaller than hook size
                - brown on the thorax
underwing ­– wood duck flank fibers
wing      - a pair of mallard quill sections


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