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Free Shipping on orders over $45.............. WELCOME TO OUR NEW WEBSITE

Griffith’s Gnat


The fly of the month for September is the Griffith’s Gnat .The Griffith’s Gnat was first created and tied by Bob Summers of Michigan. George Griffith, who founded Trout Unlimited in 1960, and Bob fished together often so it was named after George [by the fly’s originator].  The fly is most widely used to imitate a midge cluster. It can be used dry or sub-surface. While it is most often used in smaller sizes (from 18-20) George and Bob’s favorite size was always 14.  When I am faced with the inevitable midge-feeding trout in the fall, I will always turn to the Griffiths.  I start with it on the surface with short twitches and then pull it under and strip it like a streamer.

Hook - dry fly 14 - 20
Thread - black
Body - peacock herl
Hackle - grizzly 
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