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Parmachenee Wulff

Posted on August 02 2014

Parmachenee Wulff - Rangeley Region Sports Shop

      The Parmachenee Wulff is a Wulff style version of the wet fly of the same name.   This fly was created by Henry Wells and John Danforth of Parmachenee Lake, Maine in 1876.  The fly was originally tied with a red and white married wing to imitate the belly fin of a small trout.  Wells and Danforth had an idea that the bigger trout were feeding on live bait, not just insects.  The original two-color wing has been replaced with big, upright Wulff wings.  This fly is an excellent attractor pattern for those summer days when no fish are showing.
Hook -   dry fly   # 6 – 14
thread - yellow   8/0
tail -       white calf tail or body hair
body -   Peacock herl and yellow floss
wing -    white calf tail or body hair
hackle – one red and one white feather


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