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Posted on June 10 2014

This month’s fly is the Tri-­color created by Bud Wilcox of Rangeley.  The fly imitates the crayfish found in many of our local ponds and lakes.  The streamer was introduced to the public in the March 1970 edition ofField and Stream magazine.  Bud took the article’s author, Jerome Robinson, fishing on Kennebago Lake.  Bud showed Jerome his method of catching big brookies.  First he would use the Kennebago Smelt, another one of Bud’s creations, to fish the mouths of brooks as the smelt returned from spawning in the early morning light.  Then as the day warmed he would fish the Tri-color around the rocks where the fattened brookies took a mid-day break.   The colors on the fly represent the while underside of the crayfish and the bright orange color of the claws with the green blending it all together.
Hook                     -streamer hook size 4 – 10
thread                  -black 8/0 or larger
Body                    -silver mylar
rib                        - oval silver
underbelly           -white bucktail
wing                     -green and orange bucktail


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