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The Cased Caddis - Fly of the Month

Posted on April 01 2014

Cased Caddis was originated by Gary LaFontaine
This month’s featured fly is the Cased Caddis. The Cased Caddis was originated by Gary LaFontaine and written about in his book “Caddisflies”. Have you ever been wading in one of our rivers in late spring and noticed those inch-long conglomerations of sticks and gravel laying among the rocks on the bottom? These conglomerations are cocoons built and occupied by Caddis larva. The common case making caddis that we have on our rivers is the American Grannom.  There are the large size 10 or 12 green caddis that start our dry fly season in the end of May.  The fish eat the casing and all as the caddis become very mobile just before hatching.  This hatch will be occurring during the sucker spawn, so one of my favorite rigs at that time of year is a cased-caddis with an egg dropper. 

Hook     - 9671  size  6-10
Body      - non toxic wire size .025,       yellow floss,
                  long grouse or pheasant feather palmered and clipped
Head     - pale yellow dubbing
Legs      - grouse fibers

Note from Sue:  Do a web search for “case caddis jewelry” to see some amazing  earrings, pendants, and more created with cocoons formed by caddis larvae that were placed in an environment with tiny pieces of gold and semi-precious stones.


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