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Thin Mint

Posted on March 01 2014

Thin mint tri-colored wooly bugger weighted fishing fly with bead head
The Thin Mint is a multi-color wooly bugger.  The fly was created by Jim Misiura of Pennsylvania.  This fly has been modified in many different ways.  I am giving you the recipe for what I think is the most commonly used ingredients.  This is a new pattern to the shop, but it comes highly recommended by customers who come looking for it during the summer.  I look forward to using it myself, maybe with some UV2 ingredients.
                Hook     -9672 size 8-10
                bead      -5/32 gold
                thread  -olive
                tail          - olive, brown, black marabou,
                              and pearl Krystal flash
                body      -peacock herl
                hackle   -brown


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