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Snowshoe Hendrickson Emerger

Posted on February 01 2014

Snowshoe Hendrickson Emerger

 The fly of the month is the Snowshoe Hendrickson Emerger.  I have used this pattern for a number of years with good success.  It’s really just a Pheasant tail using snowshoe hare as a way to suspend the fly in the film.  I use this fly during the spring mayfly hatches and also during the summer on those ponds where the trout are feeding on emerging insects only.  Like all emergers, they don’t stay suspended in the film forever.  However, if you put some powder floatant on the snowshoe hair, it will trap the powder in the hair fibers and float better than most other suspension materials. 

Hook -   dry fly 10 – 16
Thread – brown 8/0 or smaller
Tail -       pheasant tail fibers
Body -   pheasant tail fibers
Thorax – gray superfine dubbing
Wing -   snowshoe hare foot fibers


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