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Parachute Hares Ear - Fly of the Month

Posted on January 01 2014

Parachute hares ear versatile dry fly
This month's fly is the Parachute Hares Ear. This pattern is credited to Ed Schroeder of California, who also created the well known Schroeder's Para-hopper. John Gierach, in his book Good Flies calls it the most versatile dry fly he fishes. The original recipe calls for elk hair as the tail and a brown thread rib. Gierach has changed it by tying it on a 2x hook and using a light colored tail. The hares ear dubbing used on the body gives it a very buggy look as it rides flush with the water surface. When dubbing the body make it as sparse as you can so it doesn't absorb too much water and has a slender profile. Make sure to use deer hair with as little flair as possible and keep it sparse also.
HOOK - dry fly 1 - 2x long size 10 to 16
THREAD - tan or brown
TAIL - light colored deer body hair
WING - white calf tail or body hair
BODY - natural hares mask dubbing
HACKLE - grizzly, one size bigger than hook size


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