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Blue Winged Olive (or B.W.O.) - Rangeley Region Sports Shop

Blue Winged Olive (or B.W.O.)

This month’s fly is the Blue Winged Olive (or B.W.O.). The B.W.O. is an effective fly this time of year as the water cools before winter cold sets in. The B.W.O. and midges are the only surface activity that might be happening in November. As I sit here and write this, it is a 50 degree day with no wind – perfect for the B.W.O. to hatch. I had a customer tell me last week that he had been catching nice Rainbows on the Androscoggin on small B.W.O. dries. This is a small mayfly on the 18 – 22 size hook, but it is a fairly easy tie with the right material and good magnification. So next time you have an unusually warm day in later fall or early winter try out the B. W. O. and you might be surprised.

Hook - dry fly size 16 – 22
Thread - olive
Tail - dun hackle fibers
Body - olive superfine dubbing
Wings - dun hackle tips
hackle - dark to medium dun
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