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Paradrake - Rangeley Region Sports Shop


The paradrake is this month’s fly. It is a drake imitation with a parachute hackle. This gives a low profile presentation as it rests in the film or slightly under water. The drake is the largest of all mayflies. It has a bulky body that leaves a large impression on the water surface. This large impression is a feeding trigger for the fish, thus a parachute is a great presentation while fishing for these large mayflies. Around here we have brown and green drakes and the larger hexagenia. You can use the paradrake for all of these mayflies by changing the body color and size. The brown drake is a bit smaller than the green with the hex being the largest. For the dubbing on this fly I like to use Fly-Rite dubbing as it absorbs less water than rabbit dubbing As the fly is in close contact with the water, it helps it keep from getting water-logged. The tail is moose hair. I like to use moose hair instead of deer hair whenever I can as it flairs less. The hackle, as on all parachutes, should be a hook size larger than the hook.


Hook - 94831 sizes 8, 10, 12
Thread - 8/0 olive, 16/0 on parachute post
Tail - Moose hair
Rib - Yellow floss
Body - Olive Fly-Rite dubbing wing
Post - Deer hair
Hackle - Grizzly dyed olive
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